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Hi from Brisbane


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Just over a week ago a girlfriend mentioned she was getting a 'Siamese Fighting Fish' to brighten up her lounge room. "Meh", I shrugged, "I'm not a fish person" ... she sent me photos.

Ye gads, that was the end of me! Just in the last week I have procured five boys, 3 scraggly moggies from various pet stores, and then the financially fatal step - I discovered someone's "someone" shop at Annerley which is 10 mins away. So, 2 utterly magnificent boys from someone, the bug has well & truly bitten! The HM boy I got from someone is HUGE and I've never seen so much splendiferous finnage on any live or photo fish, he's jet black with golden/orangey tail with black edging.

They're in filtered/heated/planted aquascaped tanks ranging from 8 litres through to a stunning black "Fluval Edge" aquarium (on order and I'm beside myself with excitement) - great price of $242 from my fave Morningside pet shop. These tanks are to die for!

Can anyone explain how one single $6.95 fish can result in around $700 being thrown on an already suffering credit card? :-) Hope to learn a lot from you experts here 'coz these wee beasties are a lot harder than horses & dogs!

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Haha, welcome! The betta bug is very infectious, I myself have infected many people with it also!

$700 to set up your tanks to keep them in is nothing compared to what you can, and probably will, spend on a breeding set up!

Once you start keeping these fish, you realise how beautiful they are and you want more, and you hear how 'difficult' they can be to breed and want to give it a go yourself and it keeps going from there!

Just a tip, we all love photo's! So please feel free to post plenty of pics of your boys!

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Thanks for the welcome, said as she prowls around the house looking for flat surfaces to sit tanks on :lol: About to do my daily pet shop run to get more filters, heaters, plants, maybe a tank or two, ohm and large shrimps, and ... and ... and ... lmao!

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