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Hi there


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Well just a quick hello.

Please call me Becki,

I live in South west Sydney, work full time as a pa in the CBD, study full time with OUA, regular at my local gym at least 5 days a week (New years resolution to get fit) and in amongst all that I try to find time to sit quietly and meditate each day as well..

Oh l also have some fishy friends and furry friends.

I don't keep anything to fancy I have a tank on my study desk with self perpetuating guppies, a few tetras and a big fat catfish, used to have a fighter in there but after 3 years he passed away ;(

I bought a new fighter a few weeks ago and this is is the crankiest little boy i've met, had to take him out of the community tank cause he was giving everyone else hell.

He is now living in a pretty large bowl till Saturday when I can buy him a shiny new tank, still trying to decide what type of tank I'm going to get for him.

I want to get more Bettas at some point in the future so I will be looking around for some Barrack type tanks anyone have any suggestions. Im keen for them to be able to have filtration/heating.

I also have cats who spend an inordinate amount of time on my desk watching fish tv.


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