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Kandee - Queensland


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Hey all. I'm from Queensland.

I would copy paste all I had from a betta forum I am on (It's SO laggy and they are all in the US) but that would take forever... But feel free to look at the post to see how I became the proud owner of a very temperamental male betta. Who is currently sulking at me at the bottom of his new tank.


I really want to find out where I could obtain some HM bettas.. As I'm kinda fussy on colouring and I know about "Aquabid.com" but.. They're all foreign and from the US and such! (But there are still such PRETTY bettas)

I'm from Redcliffe in Queensland (Near Brisbane). I'm 18. And I am new to this whole thing so I need help!

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Hi Kandee! As Lilli said, someone will ship to you, but if you can it is definitely worth the taking the trip down to Annerly and having a look for yourself. We have a BBG (brisbane betta gathering) comming up in March, hopefully you will be able to make it down for that as you'll get to pick the brains of other breeders and pick up some live food cultures.

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Yeah looks like they deleted it overnight?

Kinda silly doing that. Seeing as threads about sick fish can help people search for what's wrong with theirs. I wasn't getting much helpful info though. I got stuff like "A bowl that's 1 gallon should have a 100% water change twice a week."

I /could/ post the entire post here but I think my boy is on his way to recovery anyway. He's now in a 20L tank all by himself and seems to enjoy messing with my head. Thinks he's invisible hiding in a ditch in the gravel (Some of the gravel is the same red he is)

And I saw some of someone's stock and I will end up buying something that starts with F and B (Stolen from the thread about that meet)

I did alot of exploring the forums while I couldn't post. Lol.

Edit: They just edited the thread number.


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Hi Kandee

Welcome to AusAqua.

Looks like he has velvet, have a read through the clinic section to see how people have treated their fish. I have been told treatment is about the same as when treating for whitespot. Goodluck!

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