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A Fresh start


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Hi My daughter ( 8yo ) and I are trying our hand at breeding some betta's.

My first job is gathering all the info I can

And I definitely need breeding stock. I will start searching this site as soon as I post this.

At the moment we can handle about 5 pairs. more if I can put most of the females together ??

As for quality ............THE BEST PLEASE !

We haven't decided on style but I am definitly very keen on whites and blacks

Okay thats us. Thanks Troy

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Hi Troy, and welcome.

This ia a great forum for learning. Check out all the sections under Betta Specific forums, especially 'Spawn Talk'.

In ' The Gene Pool' you'll find a lot of spawn logs, where members have tracked their spawns, what they did right and wrong. These are definitely worth reading through, especially logs by members who have been around a long time (like Lilli the forum Admin) and those from members in your area as there water conditions will be closest to your own.

Where are you btw? Could you please add your location in your profile info? It is definitely helpful for members to know where you are before they offer any advice, that way it is taylored to exactly what is available in your area.

breeding betta can be a hair-pulling experience, but it is very rewarding when you succeed! Welcome to the hobby, I hope you both have fun!

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