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Just thought i'd share a couple of pics of the new juvvies i have...

One of 3 BN babies, about 15mm in length


Juvvie fry... Lavender HMs, Platnium HMPK, Orange Metallic HMPK


The largest of the Platniums


Juvvie Tank


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I can't believe your HMPK's are already showing colour!!! How in the heck do you do it!!! GRRR I Hate you lol, Mind you I think you got the biggest of them didn't you, in exchange for me getting the largest lavender boy :) Mine still look beige in colour and are constantly flitting out of the way of the lavendars so not to get nipped lol

The Bn is looking happy :) yay. Hopefully I'll have more to bring down to you in July :D

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