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KelsonBetta Show Singapore


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Kelson Say of KelsonBetta hosted his first show last weekend.

Details on the BCS thread:

Kelson Show

Plakat Photos

Crowntail Photos

Grand Champion


Quote from the BSC site - by Kelson Say

Dear all,

I have never been so busy and tired before ,after setting up my shop , 1 1/2 yrs ago.Until i decided to organize a small betta compeition, to help promote betta and keep this hobby more interesting.I started out with a expectaion and target of 200 bettas entries..........but as the day goes nearer i have recieved more and more entries.and i have collected a total of 350 bettas entries for this compeition.This is the first time , i am organizing a betta competion, and now , i know how much work is involve making a show a sucess.........Would like to take this opportunites to thank everybody that make this show a good one!

First would like to thank the sponsor , Mr Kim, the boss of Dickson Auto agency who allow me to use their place as the venue of the show, and the three judges (hermanus,preecha and eugene that spend almost 10 hrs to judge all the bettas.Cos we needed time to discuss and make sure that the judging is fair and the winners are well deserved winners.i am sorry that we have to let everybody wait so long on sat ,and have no time to let all to view the bettas.

Secondly , would like to thank Bettaclub Singapore Mr Edwin Lim and members for helping out, also Bettaabite Mr Dennis tan for his great assistance and support from him and all his members!

Thirdly i am really glad to have a very good customer that turn into a very good friend Mr Chua Tijin (Almondeye) and his group of friends that help me so much in setting up , benching in and out. And not to forget Philip Pang , Yicheng and myron too!

Also my best partner Mr Ng Cheong Seng and Benson Hui for his great work , also our MC , Miss Sara Ann K

Also someone lea , for sponsoring and doing the certificate sent diect from Brisbane.

Most important of all to all participants, thanks for your entries and without all these support .these comp will never be sucessful............

Cheers, J

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