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Multi Globe 2ft Lights


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I'm looking to upgrade the lights on my planted. Currently I have a 2x24w, giving me about 2.7wpg...the other day, I dug out a cheap little 15w 2ft light and set it up on the tank, with the other one. That gave me 3.5wpg and my plants are pearling like nothing I have ever seen!

SO! I want to find a 2ft light with 3x or 4x24w. I have my eye on an Octopus Horizon 4000, which is actually a reef light with 2x10k, 2x Blue Actinic globes and an LED Moonlight array. Obviously I would need to obtain replacement globes, but at $210, it's a pretty sweet deal.

I'm just wondering now, if anyone knows of any other 3x or 4x24w 2ft lights getting around? I want to keep the dollars below $300, but I also don't want anything too cheap and nasty...

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