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Hello I'm saving up for an aquarium upgrade and I thought I'd run my ideas by the people here on this site before I went and bought anything to prevent problems from occurring later on I'm planning a community tank.

The fish I want are:

. 6-9 Glass Catfish

. 2-3 Angelfish/maybe Discus (would I end up with a breeding pair from these? I'm not fussy about it, but it'd be nice)

. 16+ Neon Tetras

. Cardinal Tetras (I heard these school with the neons, so I though I might get them in a 1:8 ratio, since they are 5 times more expensive)

. 12 (?) Misc. Corydoras (albinos and pandas prob)

. Cherry Shrimp as a clean up crew

. 1 Black Ghost Knife (? a real question mark in my setup, because I've gotten very mixed accounts, were some don't eat any live fish and some eat fish that are the same size...I'm thinking of getting one and introducing it last while it's still small and then see how things go. This is the one fish I really want, so if it starts eating fish in the community tank, I'll save up for another tank and put it in there with some plecos. It should take years for it to get that big right?! I'll be getting it at 6-10 cm probably)

Plant-wise, I've never been any good at keeping them alive, but I'll probably try for a couple of months before giving up and switching to plastic ones.

Tank-wise, I've found this online store that has them at really good prices.

(AUD $795.00) Jinlong RA1200 Curved Glass Aquarium & Cabinet:


(LxWxH): 120 x 47.6 x 63.5cm Deep

Useful Volume: 363Ltrs Approx. (96 gallons)

Lighting: 30W x 3

Thickness of glass: 8mm

Cabinet (LxWxH): 120 x 47.6 x 76cm


Aquarium (Black)

Stand (Black)

Jinlong XP900 External filter

1 x 300 Watt Heater

Lighting: 30W x 3

(AUD $800) Jinlong AC700 Bow Front Corner Aquarium & Cabinet (this is a corner aquarium):


(LxWxH): 98.5 x 70 x 62cm Deep

Useful Volume: 427Ltrs Approx. (113 gallons)

Lighting: 25w x 1 and 15w x 1

Thickness of glass: 10mm

Cabinet (LxWxH): 98.5 x 70 x 76cm


Aquarium (Peach)

Stand (Peach)

Jinlong XP900 External filter

1 x 300 Watt Heater

Lighting: 25w x 1 and 15w x 1

Which one do you think I should get? And does anyone have any experiences with this brand of aquarium?

-Thanks is advance for the help

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Sounds like quite the setup!

Warning, though. Your Ghost Knife will eat your CRS. Then, once big enough, it WILL devour the Neons as well. With that many Cory's, you won't need a CUC, anyway, they'll do the job pretty well. Adding plants also means you can get away with a little muck in the tank, as the plants will simply use it for fertiliser. If you have issues keeping plants alive, Java Fern, most stem plants and things like Bacopa and Elodea are virtually impossible to kill...

As to "which one to get...?" That really comes down to your budget and personal preference. Although, I am not too sure about a "peach" coloured aquarium! :)

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Ghengis: LOL. it's a peachwood aquarium, not peach... that'd be a horrific colour XD Budget-wise, there's only a 5 dollar difference between them and a 17 gallon difference gallon wise and the shape's also very different hmm...

Lyarlla: So it'd be better to get it a separate aquarium? Can I put plecos in with them? (not common plecos) Maybe a Bristlenose Catfish? I'd like a L66 (Tiger pleco) but they're pretty hard to find and very pricey...

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Don't forget... when your ghostknife finishes with the shrimp it may start on the neons and cardinals if your angels haven't grown large enough to eat them yet. And if you get a breeding pair of angels in the tank - they will not be very hospitable to any other fish (Angels are cichlids and cichlids just don't like sharing sometimes).

+ what Ghengis said about plants is a good point...

Re the tanks.... a large corner tank gives a bit less viewing scope only about 3ft of front glass as opposed to 4ft+ with the bow front tank. The longer tank would also give the fish a longer run than a ΒΌ circle tank.

These are the thoughts of a madman for what they are worth.... :)

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Lyrical: Haha. Yup. I did. Hope it's okay, I just wanted as much information as possible before I got started. All information is good information in my opinion :)

Fishbites: hm... no BGK then. T_T aww... On angels, just two angels then? Or maybe we scratch the angels and go with... rams? I dunno, just throwing some fish ideas around... tank-wise, I think I'll go with the bow front, cause it's got a higher volume and it's mostly filled with smaller fishies, so a 'long run', won't be that necessary. I'll save up for another couple of years and get the 96 gallon for that long awaited BGK. :rolleyes:

Terribletegs: Alright no BGK T_T, discus... well, I wasn't that keen on them anyways, there quite pretty, but very expensive here :/

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-Glass Catfish are cool - i have no worries with them in my community tank

-Angels/ discus - Angels are such pigs, i got rid of them so my other fish could eat, and the discus I have found are quite the opposite - I try and feed them at seperate ends of the tank....

-Neons I like also - same with cardinals - but they look so similar anyway?!

-Never have any issues with the cory's

-Cherry shrimp - have been told by someone up here, that they probably wouldnt last too long in a tank with fish, esp bigger fish. (Trial and error though?)

- And I use to like the ghost knife catfish - but beware, as said before they do eat your other fish -- or leave them eyeless!

Just to give you an idea.. in my tank 4ft - Community tank,

I have

2 xblue rams

3 xglass catfish

2 x honey dwarf gouramis

5 x smaller discus

4 x female fighters

many plecos (goldspot, peppermint, calico, common)

2 x cory's


and i think that's it.

I know alot of people probably wouldn't agree, but i always check my fish, and separate if there are any issues. I think as long as you have no real aggressive fish in the tank you should be ok, and keep an eye for the first week or so.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the advice. This is the revised stock list and I have sadly given up the BGK T_T

113 gallon (427L) Bowfront:

6-9 Glass Catfish

12+ Cories

6-9 Kuhli Loaches (?)

24 neon tetras

8 cardinal tetras(bewarebrunette, I love the cardinals, 'cause they're pretty, but much more expensive :rolleyes:)

2-3 Female fighters

1 zebra danio

2 adult guppies

20+ guppy fry/juveniles

(These are all fish from my old 19 L tank)

Centerpiece Fish:

.2-3 Angels (?)

.(?) Blue Rams (?)

.<2 Discus (?)

Anything changeable about my stocking? Which 'center piece' fish should I get?

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Instead of a centrepiece fish you could look at a group of fish for a centrepiece...

I used to have a tank of just tetras .... they swim in schools of their own kind and the variety is great...

Hatchet fish at the top... then there were congos and bleeding hearts along with a shoal of neons and cardinals, also had some lemon tetras and emperors as well. At the bottom I had a few corys to scurry around as well.

Just seeing a shoal of fish in the tank is a great sight (in my opinion maybe not others though) A shoal of smaller fish also has the advantage of looking good but having no big fish to terrorize the smaller ones.

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