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magrove roots

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dose any one know how long it will take for magrove roots to dry out to be safe to use in my fish tanks

these are fresh from the mud flats (just so im clear these are the dead stumps not living tree roots) and is

there anything else that i will need to do to them ?

i would show you a pic but photobucket is not working for me :woohoo: i have tried 4 times to upload it

but i will try again latter


finally nineth try but here it is


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thanks for the advice Callatya my first thought was to soak for a week , dry and repeat . that should get rid of most of the salt yes ? i have two soking in an esky so it may take me a while

i found these up the coast a few years ago while camping but never went back untill last week, its funny to think you can pay so much for these and we used them as fire wood :P i got 13 peices this trip and i hope to get a few more when i go back up that way in october

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Please check the regulations with this. Most mangroves are protected areas due to the number of fish and other species that use them for breeding. I'm pretty sure in NSW you need a hard-to-obtain permit to collect from there (but hey, we can't even legally take shells from the beach anymore), and I wouldn't want to see anyone in trouble for this. :fish:

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Ooh, thanks Callatya! I didn't think about that. I suppose it's like collecting hollow logs out bush, you don't know whose home you are removing. I'll check the rules before I go scavenging. Do you know if the shell collecting thing applies to rocks?

Peter I have used saltwater wood, I soaked it for a week changed the water and boiled it (asian grocery stores have MASSIVE pots to do this in) and then let it sit in another change of water for a couple of days. My wood was very aged, so very little tannin left, but I had no problem from the salt.

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Bender if you ever go to Bowen sure they are everywhere not sure down this way

if i find somewhere close i will let you know

Callatya the mud flats where i got these was rezoned for building or something it has been a few years since i lived there

so i dont remember what exactly but i know it is a tiny little creek that gets hardly any water go through it and the mangroves only get submerged if it floods

Peter not as yet im still soaking them atm as the first few i did went all soft and brittle it took me a while to realise it was only the bark falling off will try to get some in a tank in the few weeks

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well it took me a bit longer than id hoped for but got one in

Peter no ill effects as of yet, no tannins that i can see if there is its minimal

the roots sat in the wether for near six months and the bark was easy to remove after the first soak

and here is what ive done with it


a few days after the plants and fish went in


better shot of the log


and finaly what it looks like today its had a small alteration when i got some new plants


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:D thanxs

i just realy wish i could get a better pic of it so i could submit it in the next aquascape comp

*lol*:P;);) mods

Goody i think its just over 5 ft still needs some more work

done on the stand but theres no rush lol

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has the water settled down in colour yet or is it still packin' the yellow tinge?

if its still yellow and wasnt like that before the mangrove when in, just keep an eye on it, as it may be releasing tannins.

it looks as though you're using a "cool" blue/white light as the lights so the yellow isnt coming off your lights......

also looks like a 6ft to me, get a tape measure out! :P

id love something that big! would be awesome for a cichlid/discuss tank *lol*

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