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Aandtsociety freshwater breeders trip(mainly catfish)


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This is from our club pres,i just put it out there,he Just got the pics organised for the club meeting at Kens place.

The bad news is most of the photos didn't turn out,there were only a few that made it.

The area we were in,the fish room,was quite cramped as it is not set up for a large group of people in there.

Thats my excuse for the shortage of photos of the trip.

He mainly focuses on cat fish varieties.

There are three trips to actual large freshwater wholesalers in the next two months.

These are the few photos of the meeting spot of Kens breeding fish rooms.






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Nice pics! Obvious that you guys do more than just find awesome critters in the surf...

Fishrooms are hard to photograph by definition, I reckon, but this one looks all business.

That's a nice angel in the last pic, is that the colour they call 'koi'? And is the one above it an L168?

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