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How long without food


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Heya guys,

I have somewhat of a dilema at the moment- I'm in the middle of Queensland doing beef cattle and sheep placement for 4 weeks for my uni degree, and then to longreach for a week for a week of further sheep experience with the actual uni... long story short, the person looking after my fish needs to go away for 3 days and I have noone else to ask to feed my bettas for me. My question is, are they ok to go for 3 days without food? I'm concerned about getting the pet-sitter to use the 'betta weekend blocks' because I won't be able to get back and clean the tanks for at least 4 weeks from now, and I'm not sure how much of a mess they'll make?

The 40L/10gal divided tank

- 3 compartments in the tank with a single fish in each

- no other animals in the tank

- gravel on the bottom, rock caves, silk and plastic plants

- A 50W heater

- 500lph filter

10L/2.5gal tank

- One betta

- Silk and plastic plants

- 200lph filter

- gravel on the bottom

- heater

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