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Hi from the aandtsociety in south east bris


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Do any of you guys do anything in relation to marines?

If so,i will,if you want,put on some of our trips on here if you like for all enjoy.

What section would it go into if they are wanted?

Is there an actual club associated with this forum?

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The aandtsociety is our website name and our home page is called south east queensland aquarium society.

The club covers south east of bris,logan and the redlands.

The aandt side of it is our original name and still is,the aquarium and terrarium society of queensland.

The trips are our marine species collecting trips in the south east area as a club.

What we try to do is put all that we do out there so if any one in our area wants join a club,they see what we are.

We aren't realy after a forum crowd,just keep the club going!

Is there are club with in this forum?

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This forum isn't run by a club. However many forum members belong to clubs and everyone is welcome to use the forum to advertise club events and attract new members to meetings. These are some of the clubs who have active members on the forum.

Sydney Splendens Society

Sydney Killie Group

Eastern Districts Aquarium Society

Australia New Guinea Fishes Association

International Betta Congress

There are probably a few more that I've forgotten.

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