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Hey everyone, I'm a betta lover and currently own one betta. His name is noodles. I joined this forum because i live in Australia and i wanted to join a forum that is in my country. I hope to find out more about bettas.

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hi kenny,

well you will definitely learn a lot more about fighters here! And meet some fighter-obsessed ppl too (self included lol)

What colour and type is your fighter? I predict, by the end of this month (july09) you will have at least three more! lmao. it is too addictive to not do that! *grin*

have fun on here


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Welcome! Local forums are the best!

Re betta vs Siamese fighter, I tend to use siamese fighting fish or just fighting fish with people not in the know, because otherwise they think you are saying 'better'. Also, I can't stand people pronouncing it 'beet-a' or 'bay-ta'.

But enough of my prejudices, I'm sure you'll have a great time here Kenny :D

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