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My Balloon Mollies had babies!

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Im very excited! I have a mini communal tank, 20Litres, with

1 black marble male balloon molly

1 white lyretail female balloon molly

1 orange female balloon molly

5 neon tetras

2 swordtail fry (1m1f)

Three days ago i bought plants to fill up the back corners, so that if the mollies had fry they could hide. When i planted them, i noticed little babies swimming around already!

Four only, three greys and one grey with a white head. VERY CUTE!!!!!

First time i have had baby fish apart from my fighters.

Im in love :giggle:




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i will be posting as they grow, very cute.

think its just an exciting difference to bettas. not that i will be converted! I will be trying my bristlenose in the next few wks... fingers xd for that too!!!!

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Mollies were the first fish that had babies for me. Totally unplanned. I could never get the male I wanted to be the father (a sailfin) to actually be the father. It's nice to have a spawn that you don't have to work so hard for, huh?

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