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About time i introduce myself


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Hey Everyone

I thought it would be about time i formally introduce myself. i have been keeping an eye on this forum for a while now and putting input in every now and then, but never really said hello.

well my Name is Amir and i live in the Brisbane area and have been keeping bettas from the beginning of the year. i first laid eyes on the beautiful halfmoon fighters at a local fish store early January i quickly bought them :( and then i found out about someone-lee and the hobby exploded :)

i have quite a number of fry now, and adult breeders

so here’s a few photos


those are only some of my babies theres hundreds more :dance:

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and here are some of the adults


hopefully someone can reply soon so i can upload a few more pics including some pics of my betta barracks

but for now hopefully you all know a little bit more about me :(

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haahaahha yeh off caurse :(

Oh and before i forget heres som pics of my barracks

this is where the adults are kept



and heres just one of the containers i keep the baby boys in


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yeh, i guess when i want to do somethin i either go all in or i dont apply myself at all. i like bettas because they dont take up too much room. Untill you have hundreds of babies sitting around the place lol. and there relatively easy maintenace, which is good for someone who works 80% full time and goes to Uni.

I have also started a little with killifish, iknow that there are some people here who also keep killi's so maybe ill be able to get some help

I currently have Notho.rachovii Beira 98 and killifish killi N.foerschi TZ 91/103 unfortunately theres no point showing any pictures of them yet because they are only a few months old and are only starting to colour up

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