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Bluerams eggs and fry

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Well done Rams are not the easiest fish to breed and raise.How did you get them through the early days??They are very small for a cichlid fry.

I had a problem once when selling a batch; sold all the the big ones then waited for the others to grow,all females(lovely red bellies)

Do you breed other dwarf cichlids,I have Apisto trifasciata and mccmasteri breeding at the moment,below is a photo of mum with the babies,I love the way they go bright yellow when they breed


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Hi Well this is my first time ive had rams and the first time ive spawned them.

I kept the fry in a 20 litre tank with a sponge filter.

Feed egg yolk spray first day after that MW & bbs.

Sucked the muck off the bottom of the tank every 3 days & replaced water.

Water... PH 6.8 temp 27 nitrIte 0 ammonia 0 thats all i know about the water ( i do use home brew IAL )

Im a big fan of live food.

I do have good success at raising fry.

The only other chiclids i have is yellow labs & green terrors.

I do want other small chiclids problem is ... They have to be low maintenance / handle hotter temps 30 + and can feed them live blackworms etc.

So do you have any suggestions ?

Im a lazy hobbyist.

And dont tell me gold fish :)

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You should do well with Apistos as they can take the heat (although trifasciata is not one of them)The fry are much bigger than Ram fry but can be very sensitive,but I dont think you should have any trouble.Although heat does alter sex ratio significanty in some species.They are pretty tough once they settle in.

Agasizzii,mccmasteri,borellii are great,most cacatoides produces too many deformed fry(and have driven me crazy) but if you can get wild fish then they are fabulous.Sounds like you should give discus a go!!

Im not sure you realize what an achievement getting a big brood of Ram up is.Ive spawned +150 species and it took me ages to keep the bloody things alive!!

Well done again

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