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2 of my favorites from my Red Dragon spawn


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here are 2 males that will making there way too the 2nd sydney betta gathering.They are out of the red dragon spawn but are one of a kinds.I think i saw a female to match the marble male but wasn't quick enough to catch her lol well i guess she isn't going anywhere....

well the one on the left is a gold marble with a dragon mask and slight dragon scaling the other is a black and gold dragon.They look like fish i was hoping to spawn out of some of my other imports that i havn't been able to breed.I think lilly mentioned about being winter well i would agree as i have had no luck with getting any pairs to spawn in a while just a lot of torn up fish...any way here are the fish....feel free to comment......





i should mention that the black dragon had his anal fin attacked in the grow out tank it has grown back even but t is still clear he has only been seperated about a week or so....

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