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Bright and Shiny


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Here are the first pics of my new copper HMPK's, my stepdaughter named the girl Shiny, so the boy just had to be Bright.

There are some better pics, but I'm having trouble uploading them at the moment, will update tomorrow, or you can check my photobucket in a while to see if they uploaded.



I love the boys yellow ventrals, the girls are orange, so I guess that makes them both non-red, probably something to keep in mind for future crosses.

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Thank you everyone! I've spent a lot of time just watching bright, he's already become my favourite male.

This pic shows him almost at full flare, I snapped a nanno second too late, but you can see the inside of his beard/gill thingys (whats the name of those again?) which is cool because you can see they are yellow where normally they are red.


This one isn't as nice, but it does show the caudal at full extension, just a touch over 180.


They were both in the spawn tank while I set up Shiny's home, and they seemed pretty keen to get started. I'm going to put them back together today. It's very mulmy as it's full of moina, so please excuse the dirt!

I'm surprised at how different his colour looks at different angles, sometimes he looks steel blue, others green, and when the lights just right that copper glow shows up. Just lovely.

This is the pose Bright strikes when he's watching me watch him.


Lastly here is a slightly better shot of Shiny. She doesn't look quite so long in real life, I think it's the curves on the scotch glass that did it.


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how's bright doing??? Let me know when he's better - I've got a copper red girl maybe we could do a joint spawn :(

or are you going to see about getting another girl from someone?

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For those that missed it, Bright was brutally attacked by Shiny, who then proceeded to die of no apparent cause about a week later.

Thanks Peta, Bright is doing extremely well. His fins are not going to look much when they re-grow, but he is still a happy fish to watch. He's currently in the boys tank and keep jumping out of his tub into the main tank to flare at the others. The eye that looked completely destroyed seems to have healed, I really thought he would loose it, but I don't think he can see out of it. The other eye is good, but he lost the irid on it that gave him moody eye-lids.

I'd be happy to do a joint spawn with you, and I also think I'll get a girl if Lilli and Calla can spare one when they are ready. He's such a lovely boy, I don't want to let those genes go to waste!

I will be keeping an eye out for another non-red copper HMPK female from someone, I still think that would have a lot of potential when crossing to blacks and blues, but they seem to be quite rare, so not holding my breath. With luck Bright will pass on the genes and we'll get some from his spawn anyway.

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