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Hi guys!


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But I forgot the forum existed until tonight!!!

When I happened upon Winterwhite at a shiny new thing I've discovered called a 'club meeting'. I joined the forum a year ago before I went to the USA but then stopped visiting because I was so far away - but now I'm back!

I have a lovely pair coming from someone this week which I'm incredibly exited about, I'll be sure to post pics when they arrive.

So hi guys! Just thought I would re-introduce myself seeing as I'm likely to be an active poster.

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That's because there's a cash prize when you hit certain milestone post counts. *rofl*


Welcome Akythara. Looking forward to meeting you in person at the next EDAS meeting. If I don't forget to go, that is. :D

GASP you can't forget! Then who will I tell about how awesome my 2 fish are...aside from all the other people there!

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