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A Betta Supply (An Introduction)

A Betta Supply

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Hello All

Betta Splendens - they are my hobby, my job and my life

Many years ago i had to give up work for health reasons (not a pensioner) and my daughter had a male fighter and asked for girl, i got it for her as a gift

not long after she asked if we could breed it, and that started it all

I now do aquaculture and have a few hundred breeding bettas in many types (VT,ST,CT,DoubleT,DT,SDT,HM,OHM,PK,HMPK,GPK) to name a few

I breed and source bettas for sale in as many types as i can find from all over (once sourced will start breeding it)

My goal is to educate people about bettas showing as many examples of them as i can

I breed in 20 - 20x20x40cm tanks and have 35 - 60x30x30cm grow out tanks for bettas

I breed many other types of fish in 75 - 3foot, 4foot, 5foot tanks and 25 - 500l tubbes (africans, corys, catfish, gourami)

well i could waffle on for hours but will save you from that


any questions please ask me

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Hey there, welcome to the forum :yes: Wow, sounds like betta have you hooked completely and we are glad to have you on board. Your house must be full of them! How in the world do you ever cope with so many water changes for hundreds of betta?

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Welcome to the forum. Your aquaculture (mini) farm sounds very impressive. I used to work in an aquaculture lab, doing micro-algal cultures as food for the species we were cultivating. Here where I live now I didn't find work in this field so my husband suggested a few months ago that I should try to breed our yellow HM pet we found at lfs. Now I have a few hundred fry and spend more time with the bettas than with my family. Where about in Queensland do you live? I live in Port Douglas. I would be interested to see your drip system if possible.

Cheers, Mihaela

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sorting that out right now (photobucket)

need to take the photos and post them on photobucket for you all to see

and what i might have for sale

pictures would be of my private setup not my commercial setup (i have to keep somethings a secret :) )

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Update to my introduction

My name is Warren and I am A Betta Supply

A Betta Supply is a registered aquaculture business for the freshwater aquarium fish industry breeding non-indigenous fish species. Located in Hervey Bay, Queensland, 4655

My experience ranges from breeding Guppies, Swordtails, Mollies, Platys, Goldfish, Whiteclouds, and Tetra in my youth to breeding Betta Splendens, Gouramis, Paradise fish, Corydorus, African & American Cichlids, Bristlenose Catfish, Royal Whiptail and Whiptail. This list will expand as I learn and my knowledge base increases.

A Betta Supply has bought its current breeding stock from importers and local breeders that are of the highest quality and will continue to buy only the best examples of show quality and established genetic strains of quality fish. I am bound by my registrations and memberships to breed fish with the greatest respect to their true genetics and wild origins.

A Betta Supply’s Aim is to Provide Friendly, Honest, Reliable and Guaranteed Service’s to the General Public, Breeders, Retail Outlets and Wholesaler’s that are or become Customers. Gain a Reputation for the Best Quality of Healthy Fish, Australian Made Food, Reliable Products and Services that Surpass the Expectation of the Customer.


warren@a-betta-supply.com.au (general chat and advice)

info@a-betta-supply.com.au (inquires on available stock)

sales@a-betta-supply.com.au (orders , sales & purchases)

accounts@a-betta-supply.com.au (payment information)



A Betta Supply - Online Shop

Here you can find out more info on what I do & supply

A Betta Supply has long term plans with small steps of achievement that have made it possible for me to double the amount of tanks and therefore the species of fish we breed and stock at our current location every 12 months over the past 2 years.

Current Location

20 - 40cmx20cmx20cm - Betta Splenden breeding tanks (Siamese fighting fish)

5 drip systems - 85 individually housed fighting fish in each (425 total) – breeding & display of fighters

Racks to hold 2000 individual Betta Splendens

48 - 60cmx30cmx30cm – grow out & holding tanks

15 - 60cmx40cmx40cm – breeding & holding tanks (to become grow out & holding tanks for fighters)

15 - 90cmx40cmx40cm – breeding tanks (to become grow out & holding tanks for fighters)

05 - Varied sizes of 120cmx?x?

10 - 500ltr tubs

With plans to establish our new premises to be opened on January 1st 2010 and expanded to by July 1st 2010.

100 – 90cmx40cmx40cm (October 1st to January 1st 2010)

50 – 120cmx50cmx50cm (January 1st 2010 to July 1st 2010)

30 – 150cmx50cmx50cm (July 1st 2010)

20 – 180cmx60cmx60cm (July 1st 2010)

As well as the full launch of our website’s online shop

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