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3 gallon nano attempt - emmersed

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This will be my firs nano attempt it is actually 2.91g but who cares ?

Im doing this tank in different stages. im up to stage 3.

Stage 1. Consisted of gathering funds. so i sold all the useless stuff around the house on ebay. My greatest achievement was a small motorcycle some neighbours throughout. I spent a day pulling it apart and by late afternoon i got her going! so i put it on ebay for .99c and sold it for $102:D

Stage 2. conduct DIY parts. so i put together the diy co2 unit and build the lightstand. costs so far 3.50 for spray paint and the ebay fees.

Stage 3. Final preperation. I recieved my UP AQUA gravel today and i love it. It looks soo good. and i will order plants on the weekend. and in a month or so will order the mini heater and filter media.....

So here are a couple pics.

Please tell me what you think.

A thin sprinkling of old root tabs. gravel depth there is about 20mm


This shows where the tank is, temporarily next to my bed, once i fill it up with water i will move it down to the computer room. It also shows my diy light stand, on my little table i made back in year 10.

I apoligise for the bad shot, my room has 2 black walls and a black ceiling so there is very little light and I had to use the flash.


This is the current scape, the mounds in the corners are a lot more \'vert\' (steeper incline) in person. I kept it simple as i want the plants to be the main focus, so they should over grow the rocks in time if you know what i mean.

I would really like your honest opinion with this.


And this shows its position... oh and the greatest marine company in the world:D

Hence my black and red room.

Excuse the old federation style bed. Its my water bed:p


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Thats a good idea Marianne, I have taken out a couple handfuls, so i will take out a few more.

I took a couple more shots. I figured i had better show you my plants plan.

first idea was to have it in the shape of half a tyre, so up the back and around the sides, having a small meadow of glosso in the middle. my 2nd idea was to have one side covered in the glosso and a corner filled with hair grass. my 2 sketches should show you.

I need to choose a style by tomorrow because its the difference between 1 or2 hair grass pots and i need to order them.



the larger rocks do look alot better. and once its all grown in i dont expect there to be too much rock showing.

Here are 3 other possible ways. I like type 2 the most, but not 100% happy with it.

I still have to remove some of the substrate at the front.

type 1


type 2


Type 3


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advice: since you've used a lot of aquasoil and because it has a LOT of ammonia packed into it, tank will probably take a month to cycle.

once the polymer coating wears off becareful poking around the substrate or rescaping, quickly turns to mud.

ps. looks like a bowfront, 31 cm?

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just has 2 front curved corners and yes 31cm

I will be taking a fair bit more substrate out.

It will be using a mature filter, but i will still be extra cautious.

And once i finished with the emmersed growth i should not have to rescape much.

during the emmersed period the substrate will be under water, wont it leak all its ammonia then?

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nope. substrate leaches out ammonia for a very long period of time - that's what it's designed to do.

had a mature filter in a tank of the stuff, with daily water changes and just when you thought it was safe to put something in, BAM. dangerously high ammonia reading - very, very dark green reading.

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Ok i will keep a close eye on it when i fill it up.

a couple more scape, none have really impressed me. the step up would be my favourite.

tell me what you think.

Type 4 - pretty boring


Type 5 - Step up, I liked this one.



Type 6



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here are a couple more.

Thankyou for the comments so far. Greatly appreciated.

Type 7. meh


Type 8. this one looks a little unnatural but i like it and the hairgrass can easily be contained by the rock boarder.



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I like Type 1 more than the others but I'd rearrange all of them. The big rock naturally draws focus so it should take centre stage. But not dead centre. Put it about 1/3rd the way in from the the left or right edge. Put the smaller rocks on either side of the big rock and make one of them closer to the big rock and the other one further away. Something like this, looking from above.




But bear in mind I'm limited in what I can draw simply using text.

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I think it's really starting to get there. Is it possible to rotate the big rock clockwise a bit. I'd like to see it a little more upright. I'm not sure I like that all the rocks are leaning the same way. One of the commonly used rock arrangements is a central rock with 2 smaller rocks leaning towards it. They're very attractive rocks. What kind are they and where did you get them?

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I think it would be more natural for all the rocks to lean the same way. Whatever conditions made them lean wouldn't make one rock lean the opposite way. But could always try it with the rock on the right leaning towards the other two?

I like the look with the big rock much better than the previous ones:)

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Triangles are generally considered visually pleasing, so maybe see if you can get the rocks to form some sort of triangle? It is the last one that is throwing it off for me. My eye hits the big rock, moves down to the darker trinagle on the front of it, and then flies off along the point. I'm not really looking at 2/3rds of the tank, only the last 1/3, if that makes sense.

I like this one. I mean, I liked the others too, but this has some really nice strong design elements. It'll be an art piece as well as a great looking tank ;)

(and if they are part of a bigger rock that fell and split they could be facing in any direction :))

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