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Here's another one.

Terrestrial plants often release subtle toxic chemicals which affect other organisms.

An example is with some trees whose leaves release these compounds.

Rain will wash the chemicals onto the surrounding soil,preventing seed germination.

Some aquatic plants release them through their roots.

This can inhibit the growth of other plants,allowing the first plant to become dominant in a particular area.

You may have experienced this in a well established tank.

After a while,one species will seem to proliferate,while others gradually weaken.

For example,you may find Cryptocorynes overtaking Swordplants,regardless of ferts etc.

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So this is like companion planting? For example, planting basil next to your tomatoes? Is there a list of plants that will have dominance over other plants or will have an adverse affect on another plant? Is it a case of just putting the plants in different areas of the tank or are some plants simply not compatible at all and shouldn't be planted in the same tank at all?

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Wow Betta....no idea about good companions.

I've never seen that question before.

Just mentioned this because it can explain why

things can suddenly go wrong in a tank.

Separating plants is a good idea though.

I do have the book Roses love Garlic,

and Carrots Love Tomatoes.

Just haven't seen a similar Aquatic plant book...hahaaah.

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Hard to prove.

But when one species is thriving and another suddenly declines

it is quite possibly Allelopathy.

Removing the weaker plant to another tank will show improvement

if this is the case.

This is something that pops up in tanks after 6-12months.

And it will happen despite all the care you can give.

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Laurie I think there's another name for people who do that but I'm not allowed to type it on here!

Anthony is that part of the reason grass doesn't grow under trees, or is that just due to a massive root system taking in all the resources as opposed to secreting chemicals? Or are both related/intertwined?

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Wayne...they are sometimes intertwined.

But some conifers drop leaves which prevent other plants from germinating or growing underneath them.

I think that is due to the resins in the resulting mulch.

Diana Walstad also mentioned Papaya.

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  • 1 month later...

Lilli and Calla....This may be funny coming from me....I'm the Vice President of the new Australian Cryptocoryne Society..haha

But YES Cryptocorynes are notorious for this!!

I use undergravel filters and believe this helps dilute the toxicity in the root zone.

Some of you may be interested to know that some new Crypts will be imported into Oz in the near future.YAY!!

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Hi Betta.

When I joined the ACS I took a look at the problems with importing Crypts.

It has always been ok to import them but they had to be quarantined and treated with chemicals that invariably killed them!

Looking further,I found the best way is to bring them in to the country 'in vitro' from a sanitised source.

We contacted Tropica in Denmark as they have their own Tissue Culture lab and have dealt with similar restrictions in other countries.

It is now possible for nurseries to bring them in for propagation material.......Dadaaaah!

Similar problems with bringing some Killies into Oz have been overcome now.I have some friends in Indonesia who will hopefully be sending

Killies to another friend in Sydney in the near future.

In this hobby,we tend to listen to well known Aquarists and take their opinions as the law.Not always so.

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Thanks Bender....afraid it's not lateral thinking though....

Anyone can think like me just by taking 4 Panadol Fortes,2 Tramadols,1 Fenac and a Valium four times a day.

I'm not kidding either....my chemist offered home delivery last time I collected my Scripts.

How are you going with your left handed daughter?

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Ha! I knew I wasn't the only one medicated to the eyeballs! Home delivery might be a good idea. I had my licence stopped for just that reason, up here the doctors have to report if your a possible road risk.

Thanks for asking about her, we have been doing heaps of craft stuff, following up on what she's good at and letting the more difficult alone for the moment. I bought some more left handed gear, and just put it in the craft box. I didn't say anything, but it didn't take her long to start favouring the adult size left hand scissors, and surprisingly the left hand ruler, which I had thought was a bit of a gimmick. You were right, if we just give her the options she seems to know which is best.

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Wow Bender....we can be Pill Buddies....most peeps have no idea what it means to be medicated like this.

Some days I feel like someone is pushing my head into the floor!!....and the alternative is electric spasms of pain from a lower back injury.

Soooo happy to hear you've relaxed about the left handed stuff.

Now you can just enjoy the precious little time you have together.

You were probably so anxious to please each other,and lets face it,knitting and crochet aren't easy for ANYONE to pick up.

Learning problems....pffft!!....our school system has a lot of learning problems.

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