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The strangest thing happened...


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A few nights ago when I was trying to fall asleep, I must have dozed off for a little bit and had the strangest dream. It was one where something happens that makes you wake up REALLY fast with your heart beating.

I have no idea where I was or what I was looking at, but all of a sudden a betta jumped up at my face like an attack. I woke up a little scared actually with my heart racing a hundred miles an hour lol.

The strange thing is though...

I went to feed my females yesterday, and my little pink/red one jumped up and slapped herself on the glass :)

It was exactly like my dream. I was looking birds eye view at the tank, and a better jumped up 'at me', but she stuck herself to the glass instead of my face like the dream lol

Maybe she was just sooooo excited it was dinner time lol

I thought she would be a goner for sure because she was stuck on the glass for about 3 seconds. She is ok though (thank God! I want to breed her soon)

It's a bit random, but I thought it was strange and freaky.

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I had an eerie dream like that once but about my cat. I was about 4 months pregnant with my son, trying to have a nap because I was so sick with morning sickness and gall stones and I was somewhere between asleep and awake, that strange in between phase and thought I felt my cat, Jaime, crawl up along my legs so I leant down to pat him but he wasn't there which brought me sharply back to reality and I thought to myself 'I should go let Jaime in' but was still feeling sick so I just closed my eyes and went to sleep, an hour or so later I was awoken to my Mum pulling her car into the drive way and putting on the breaks really hard. Something told me to get up and go out to meet her and when I got outside she was cradling Jaime's limp body in her arms.

Long story short he woke up in the car on the way to the Vet's and started suckling on my neck, kissing me, coz I was crying so hard. He was fine but I've learnt not to ignore my intuition!

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I had one of those warning dreams

I heard a knock at the front door, that was strange in its self,

only strangers went to the font.

It was my boy friend, as he stepped through door he changed into a wolf.

he sprang at me, I fell back hitting the ground with a hard thump,

I felt him started to rip my face and arms with his teeth and claws.

I could smell my own blood,

I had the sensation of my arms being dragged away from my face, by the digging movement of his front leg.

It sent wave of shear panic through my hold body, my scalp started to come away from my skull,

as her closed his jaws.

When I woke up I was dripping in sweet and had no hope of getting back to sleep

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I live by myself now hehe with the fish and the dogs

in the burning times I think I would have been dragged up in front of the Spanish Inquisition :D

I felt with hindsight that the dream was telling me about a massive change in him

and not for the better.

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Luv my fish I wrote you an interpretation of you dream with the help

of Piggsy the psychic Betta.

I tried to post it and the Fates stopped it form making it to the thread

An other strange thing??

so Piggsy and I are not willing to try again sorry

The fates have spoken.

Piggsy is available Tuesdays and Thursdays his fee for dream work is 3 small feeder fish

Piggsy's book "The star Guide for the Betta around town" :) will be in stores soon through Joak Beat press

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