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G'day G'day


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... and how ya goin'... whaddya know...

Okay I'll stop singing now. :D

My name's Tegan, and I live in Newcastle. I'm a postgrad Biology honours student working in a frog laboratory, and my research involves the chytrid fungus that is killing Australia's frog fauna.

I breed guppies (currently working on a line of Pingus) and Ancistrus catfish, and will soon be having my second crack at breeding Bettas. I failed the first time... my excuses are that they were pet shop stock, and that I was only 15 at the time! 10 years on and a lot of experience under my belt, I feel ready to try again. And excited!

So...... hello!

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Hi Tegan. WHAT goes on in a frog laboratory!?? I am intrigued!

What does go on.... ::cricket noises::

Actually that's pretty accurate because the lab really is full of renegade feeder crickets. I thank my lucky stars that none of my fish need such noisy live food!

Most of the work in our lab is involved with trying to save the endangered Green and Golden Bell Frog (Litoria aurea) from extinction, although there is another project going with Assa (Assa darlingtoni). There are a lot of projects involved with stopping the spread of the parasitic chytrid fungus (my work is trying to detect it accurately in the environment), and we also have a big Bell Frog reintroduction project at the Wetlands Centre.

And I will eventually do an experiment with Gambusia holbrookii (pest Mosquitofish), which, most importantly, means I get to keep fish in the lab. :drool:

Although I can't make weird Gambusia/Guppy hybrids like I want to!

Thanks for the welcomes everyone! ;)

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