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Post your fishy faces here...


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Was just looking at some pics of my fish and thought this might be a fun thread to start....

Show your fishy faces and put a caption to them...

If you kiss a frog he'll turn into a prince...


Touch my bubbles and you'll lose a finger....


Hey you! Learn to focus the camera!


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Here give me a kiss!!!!

Now with lips like that.... and he wants a kiss?!?!?! :)

I'm a little bumbe bee bzz bzzz bzzzz

No sting in his tail - he looks nice - is it one of those gobies? I've never seen one for real but they look interesting. Looks like he has a nice planted tank to live in too.

FEED ME....please?

How can you resist feeding a fish with such a begging face! I think all fish are very good at the begging bit - Great photo.

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