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Mystery Fry


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I bought some plants at the QFAS auction on Saturday night, and it seams I also bought a little fish as well! This tiny fry showed up in my tank yesterday. As all the plants I bought were only damp, not in water, I feel this little lad must have been just an egg when he came home with me. It is so very small, I had no end of trouble trying to take a clear pic, but here are the best shots I got. The first three are cropped the last is the full shot to show size, it's in a scotch glass.





I don't know if you'll be able to see it, but it's shaped differently to a betta with a defined head and body already, and it's mouth opens up way back on the head. I've given it infusoria and green water, and that is definitely what it's made to eat, I can see it tracking down the little critters and gobbling them up! I've assumed it is a warm water fish, and left it in a container floating in my barb tank. I've been looking, but I can't find any more of these, and with the barbs and the glass shrimp in there, it is a miracle I saw this guy before they did!

Anyone game to hazard a guess? I bought red and green crispus, bulbitis, miniature chain sword, and one rock with attached christmas moss.

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