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New Dragon (what Colour Is He?)

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What colour is he?

Any opinions and comments are welcome.

As I am fairly new to this, I want to learn as much as I can.

I have asked the seller about a sibling female, and I'm waiting for their reply.

Thanks from Ann.

Edited to say:

Hi Lilli,

Thanks for pointing out the need for permission,

I have emailed the seller for his permission , and he also sent me two more photos to use,

which was very nice of him.


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Hi Ann

Firstly, just checking that you have permission from the seller to post those photos (for copyright reasons). :) Can you please confirm? :)

Looks to me like the fish is a red butterfly with an opaque layer (you could also call it red gold). For the purposes of the Critique forum, the dark splodges on the tail would be a fault. The red splodge in the anal fin would also be a fault.

In terms of form, you want a HM to fit inside a circle. Stefan did drawings of the various tail types which has a pretty good depiction of a HM with good finnage, here:


See how it sort of fits in a circle? And the D shaped caudal and how the anal fin doesn't have a backswept look?

Your fish's anal fin hangs down below the edge of the caudal. So you'd want a female with an anal fin that is oblong and parallel to the body, not long or pointy, to try and counteract that trait in any fry. A sibling may not be the best option, as she would be likely to replicate the trait.

I would also, if I was judging the fish in an IBC show (which I would never be qualified to do!!) fault him for the rounded edges to his fins. Normally you'd look for a crisper edge to the fins (like in Stefan's drawing), especially (but not limited to) a D shaped caudal with long outer rays giving a crisp finish, and the anal fin would be more of an oblong shape than that backward-sweeping trianguar shape he has (it kind of looks like an upside-down shark's fin!).

I don't know if the IBC would fault him for the scalloping to the fins or not.

He's still a pretty boy!

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