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Jessica, Pepsi And Little Fish


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Hi there !

My name is jessica im 22 and living very close to melbourne =D

I brought my first betta fish on the weekend his name is Pepsi because of his blue with some red colours and makes lots of bubbles hehe :betta:

Im not sure what tail type he is, i thought he was a Veil Tail Betta because nothing else was as long as what his is.

Heres some pics =D

The goldfish i havent named yet he is a very active guy hard to get a photo of him, and very very messy T_T his tanks ammonia levels have been really hard to controll lately im always doing water changes so he dosent u know die :D ive lost a few gold fish, part of the reason i got a betta was because the seem so much easier to look after hehehe.

Ive been getting really attracted to betta lately there such cute and lovely little fish with there bubble nests omg so cute :D

I found this picture of a bright pink betta !!!! Do we get pink vatieties here in australia ?? id love to get one if we do.


anyways hopefully i can learn more about betta fish here and learn how to breed them and maybe make my own pink kinds one day :P

cya later !


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Hi Jessica! Welcome! I can't believe you have a betta called Pepsi! My very first VT was also named Pepsi coz he was the same red & blue as a Pepsi can! How funny. He also lived to the ripe old age of 5 & a half years. Almost unheard of for a betta. As for your pink fish, have you ever checked out the site aquabid.com ? They have betta you can import from overseas & they're always stunning. I'm waiting for my very first imports from Thailand at the moment. Here's a link to the fellas I'm waiting on:




Just be warned though, looking on aquabid can become very addictive.

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Hehehe cool, i think id name every betta after a soda drink because I'm the worst at names XD

Wow those bettas are amazing looking !!! you never see kinds like that in the fish shops!!

Oh noes i can see my self spending alot of time looking at aqua bid hehe, how do they ship the fish :betta: wouldn't that be a bumpy ride for them. I also thought Australian import laws didn't allow importation of fish ??

No other pets can be imported to Australia. These include such animals as; chinchillas, fish, ferrets, guinea pigs, hamster, lizards, mice, snakes, spiders and turtles.

I only know because i was at the website recently because i want a frog species that originates from the amazon but is widely popular in america :D

(I already have a green tree frog called Frodo)

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Jessica definetly look at the link Lilli's put up but the basic run down is:

- You can only ship from Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia & Indonesia.

- They get shipped from there to a lady in QLD named someone.

- She quarantines them for at least a week (a little longer if they're sick).

- Then she couriers them to you.

That's the basic jist of it. As you can imagine there are a lot of shipping prices involved to get them to your door, but like you said you never see fish like that here, so it's totally worth it!

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Hi Jessica. Welcome to AAQ. That's an interesting picture of a pink betta you found. I'm quite curious about it. My first reaction was that it was a fake. But if it is a fake then someone took a lot of trouble to create it. If it isn't a fake then it's quite a sensational colour. Thai breeders have been working on creating a hot pink for a while. I would have thought that there would have been more news about it. Very interesting.

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Yea I think its normal to assume its a fake, i doubt it is but cameras have a way of capturing colours to look the best.

The photographer who owns the fish insists it isn't, they got it from there local pet shop and they live in Sweden XD here is another picture that includes all the other betta fish they own http://littlemewhatever.deviantart.com/art/Rainbow-114037596

Its such a stunning colour :)

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