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Hydroponic Lights

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i come across a lighting store that sold these metal halide globes . the globes look like a energy saver globe u put in your house.. it says no ballast needed and low heat out put.

im planning to grow some plants in one of those 1000ltr caged water tanks that u see selling reasonably cheap. ill cut it in half and have 2 , 500 ltr tubs. after seeing my local aquarium shops in the area, no one seems to have decent plants to sell, they basicly have all the same rubbish.the cost of running lights is something i really havent thought about.

I think both need a ballast. MH i think is more in the blue spectrum= leaf production.

And HPS is more in the red and orange spectrum= flower.

Both let off a lot of heat.

And the cost to run them i dont think in the long run it would be worth it.

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