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An Ode To "betta"


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"Betta" ?? - 15/03/09


T'was dreading this day, but knew it would come.

The signs were all there, I could tell you were done.

Still nothing's quite like, the feeling of loss,

that come's with the passing, of your very first fish.

"Betta" my friend, was my silent companion,

there at my side, from midnight 'til dawn.

When pacing the floor, with son no.5 (of the human kind),

his head would pop up, just to check all was well.

You're gone now I know, it's still hard to believe,

You'll longer share, a midnight snack with me.

Your very short life, brought much joy to my heart.

I'm sorry for neglecting you, right there at the start.

I didn't know, you wanted more room,

you just could have told me, but to jump...

that was just dumb.

Others have come, and others will go,

but none will be special, like my no. 1 boy.

God bless you my friend, I know you're at peace.

Though that won't stop me, from missing you heaps.

Slipped away silently in the night :)

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Thanks for the kind words guys.

I know he was "just" a fish, but I still haven't been able to allocate his 'digs' to another just yet. I don't think I have a fish quite worthy. I'm now thinking of just landscaping it as a memorial.

I've lost a couple of others since then (via the cat helping herself <_< ... and yes it WAS the cat - evidence was left on the outside of the tank) but I didn't experience the same sentiments with those. Although I felt sad they were killed as they were nice fish, I was probably more upset of the $$ that went down the drain.

I've put it down to him being my first betta and infact my first fish and as such was the one I: became anxious about, fussed over the most and made the mistakes with. It's really weird though, I still can't come to terms with the fact it was "just" a fish. I didn't know one could form such an attachment... or maybe it's just me :lol: ??? Anyone else out there experienced the same or similar? I wouldn't mind feeling as though I am still quite 'normal' again :lol:

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