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Hello Again


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Hi all,

Just wanted to say "Booo" before I disappear again :lol: (hopefully I should be around more). Hope all the members I knew from before are doing well and everybody else I haven't interacted before enjoying the forum and the company of the friendly and knowledgeable people here.

Well whats been happening with me...

I had a career change into a field where I was working 7 days a week everyweek and naturally which reduced my free time to nil :applaud: Two years of that and I had enough!!! I was loving what I was doing but when you put everything on a scale certain things are much more important. Now I am back to normal working hours and days :cheer:

During those years I was more maintaining fish then breeding and any breeding was done to get the next generation of breeders. With the change back normal working hours I was beginning to have more time to "play fish" as I call it. As it happens, the universe and the guy called "Murphy" conspired against me and when I was away interstate the circuit tripped and by the time I came back a few days later, I found 99% of my fish dead!!! :((:(( :(( I had 50+ fishtanks and less then 15 fish!!!

Anyway it has been a slow process but I do not get as depressed when I go into my fishroom now and been in touch with couple of great people I know to get back into things slowly.

That's me, have been enjoying reading the forum last couple of weeks. Good to be here

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