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Alright I'm in.. but only if I can shave my head and leave only a little pigtail on the top, and get to wear a bright purple toga Oh and chant 'We need more bettas' in 10 different languages down Melbourne CBD at lunchtimes.. ;)

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Oh no! The evil initiation ceremony chant has started! :D When I was just a teenager, I used to work on a wharf in NZ, and one of the favourite lunchtime dishes after porkbones and puha was fish head soup and sour dough bread. Anyway, I'd be sitting at the lunch table poking at my soup with the bread and everytime I'd look up, a big wharfy would roll a fish eye out on the end of his tongue. There'd be half a dozen of them just waiting for me to look at them and if I looked too long they'd pop it between their teeth. And it made a loud pop! I'd gag and they'd be in hysterics for ages. Piles of silly giggly school boy laughs jiggling out of these tough old guys. I was good value in the wharfy mess hall, apparently. Is this initiation going to be anything like a wharfy mess hall?

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