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Hey Everyone!


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My name is Elise and I am a 4th year veterinary science student at the university of Queensland in Brisbane. :D I have had a long lived love of Betta's and I have always owned a few on and off as pets. (great pets when you live in a college room!) I had bought some females a while ago with the hope to breed, but unfortunately a problem with my tank meant that I lost all of them.

I just last weekend had the urge to restart my dream of breeding my own betta's, and my sister and I went to visit someone's shop here in brisbane (someone is a gem, and put up with our indecision on which ones to choose... so so so many gorgeous fish) and picked out a gorgeous male and female with the hopes of breeding them at some stage.

Here are some rather shocking photos (bad camera) hopefully I will be able to set up a photo tank soon and get some nice shots with our better camera at some stage.

The male is still fairly young as far as I believe, but I think he will be gorgeous when he is fully grown.

I am not quite up with all the colouration terms anymore.. but the male is a CT - mostly black with a metallic dark blue through his body + metallic bright green streaks through his tail.

The female is a metallic green with some blue shades and the very very slightest hint of red on the top of the anal fin.

So here are the pictures of Sampson & Delilah :rofl:



(sorry this photo is in a really funny shaped round bowl... she is not that bent and weird in real life.. i just realised how bad the photo was!)

I am really looking foward to getting to know everyone!

- Elise

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Hi :D nice to meet you!

I am really hoping to get some nice pics up to show everyone... I hope I didn't pick too "interesting" a pair! I am really hoping that they will make a nice pair. I really didn't know which colours and such to choose in the female, but she is so pretty and metallic I thought they might go nicely together. I love the black in the male, so hopefully he will bring through some of that. (and maybe learn a little genetics on the way)

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