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Pretty Darn Good Shootin' Tex.

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This is with a canon SX10IS powershot, it's a higher quality point and shoot camera and probably takes about the same quality shots as a low grade SLR.

Not interested in SLR, they're too complex for my needs - it would be like buying an instrument and not knowing how to play it.

This baby cost me $615 with case, tripod and memory card - OUCH!!! but totally worth it. If you want a camera like this you'd better lay by one now, Dick Smith doesn't stock them any more and this was one of the last in JB HIFI, they seem to be disappearing and noone can tell me why. New technology in the making maybe?

I bought it to replace my olympus which was stolen a few years back.

Howszat for an up close and personal shot. You can even see his teeth, although it is only a face a mother can love...


Not that the same can be said for the rest of him, he's quite a handsome fish:


And who could forget those adorable queensland red claw yabbies I bought on the fish crawl, well as I expected only one is left because he ate his siblings so his new name is JACK THE RIPPER!!!

He's now 5x the size I bought him and had 3 moults, he's eaten 13 out of the 15 feeder fish I gave him 1 week ago. It was fascinating watching him catch the fish. They almost what you'd call an underwater insect however I had no idea the eat so much!


And some totally un-fishy-realated shots:

A wild and lavendar zebra finch - this shot was taken standing about 6M from the birds in my free flight aviary.


A longcoat mouse (Pandora), I've taken a shining to rodents (not that it was unexpected) and dabbling in the mouse fancy at the moment. So if your wondering where I am I'm on the AusRFSNSW forums. Got some show boys arriving from Newcastle tommorrow WOOT!!!


Only been mucking around with the Macro setting so far, havent gone as far as night shots or landscapes. But being a small and exotic animal enthusiast macro shots are the ones I'll need to specialise in. I only have one complaint so far is that the flash is very strong and drowns out white animals, I haven't worked out if you can adjust the amount of light on the flash however there is a facility where you can attach an external flash so I'd say you can. Shutter speed is very good but like all animal photography still expect to take about 100 photos before you get a good one.

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I can also vouch this camera is awesome.

I've also just bought one of these online for $515.38. There are a couple of stores online that are a little cheaper than this... but they didn't have any instock at the time although both stores said they were able to get them. I got mine from JC's Tech Shop.

It is really easy to use, and just after a little play for a couple of hours, I produced these :D :


Blaze checking out the new camera.


Savine, his girlfriend.


3 week old baby from my very first spawn (not related to above pair).


Same fry, just a closer front on shot... the big white moth looking things are brine shrimp.

I'm now really looking forward to being able to see what else this camera can do.

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WOW that is some awesome detail on the brine shrimp! I'm still working out how to use all the nobs and buttons on my camera but it was an exciting day when I finally learned how to turn the auto focus off so I can use the focus ring to manually focus. it's awesome!

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Awesome shots of the fry and shrimp. That fry is adorable.

Those shrimp are about 3 days old when they get those flappy bits on their side.

Did you know when they're born they have 3 eyes and as they grow they shed their middle eye, male shrimp grow tusks and fight other shrimp for mating rights like goats. If you want to see your shrimp do a trick keep them in the dark for a while then shine a bright torch at them, they'll do backflips and follow the torch! - it's more impressive when they're adults.

Who knew fish food could be so interesting :D

My original point and shoot camera was an olympus around the $500 mark maybe a bit less. No complaints about that one either, there are only very slight differences and it's all a matter of preference. So far I've been using an Olympus compact camera which does the job but doesn't pick up the same amount of detail.

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