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Who's Tank Is Whose?

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So, as you all know, we recently ran the Aquascaping comp and lpiasente suggested that we have a go at guessing who owns which tank. Now that the polling has ended, go for it!

Just as a reminder, the photos can be viewed here. If you are on a slower connection, you might like to view the images here instead.

BTW - congratulations to our winners!!! :)

There will be prizes etc and the names of the winners announced soon (bear with us - we would all love aaq to be our only commitment, but it isn't!). Meanwhile, I hope you have fun guessing who entered which tank :D

OK - I am now off to bed :)

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Wouldn't it help to have a list of names of the people who entered tanks? Or we'll just be guessing from the 1000 odd members AAQ now has lol.

Narrow it down a little, can't hurt :D

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I missed this thread HOW/???? The ones I could have guessed already have been guessed except I think 11 is Jess. I knew 5 was Mike and Ollie and 13 was Lilli. Kitz were just a guess but......... he has a certain style the rest other than the 2 winners no idea.

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#1 Kitz

#2 Kitz

#3 Phil

#4 Kitz

#5 Bettarazzi

#6 someone

#7 Fighters4U

#8 Divy

#9 Bettarazzi

#10 Bettarazzi

#11 Lilli

#12 Ghengis

#13 Lilli

Well done to all the correct guesses! You guys really do seem to know each other's tank 'scaping style!

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