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Came home today and found 3 packages on my door step:)

I will let the pics tell the story. but first tank specs

Tank - 60 long 30 wide about 36 high (cm) 20gallons (75L)

Lighting - 2x 24watt HO t5 globes 6700k and one 20watt t8 unknown Kelvin (thinking 11-18thousand ?)

Filtration - 2 HOB filters

co2 - Pressurized

substrate - DIY, Layer of gravel, layer of pot n peat, capped with gravel and laterite everywhere:mad:

ferts - PPS-PRO method with excel every 2nd day and tabs under the larger plants.


chain sword narrow

chain sword broad

dworf blyxa

corkscrew val

hansons nardoo


none, However will be looking for 10-20 cherrie shrimp in a couple of weeks, so if you know you will have some available, give me a yell:o


Was happy with all the shops i bought off, 3 in total, auschems for my KNO3, Dave for my other chemicals and aquatic dreams for the rest of the plants, Would highly reccomend all 3, especially aquatic dreams.



chemicals and nardoo from Dave


Planted every plantlet individually, with some left over for my communal tank.


Filled it up with air hose, took a few hours.


All other plants from Aquatic dreams. (FTS)


Im not 100% happy with all the plants placement so over the next few days i will move a couple around, particuarly the broad chain swords.

It will be better once the vals grow taller to add some height to the tank.

Eheim cannister filter is High up on my priority list.

comments, ideas?

PS, i have better close up shots of the plants, but the pic limit has stopped me from posting them so will try again after some people reply. :)

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I havent not told half the story of this tank. It has been months of planning, due to set backs, like unexpected fry, and a crack which i repaired, but you's dont want to know about all of that. so here are a few more pics.

Left side (blyxa)


Banana lilly(2) , was really attracted to this plant, cant wait for the stems to start heading towards the surface


Narrow chain sword (3) hoping it will spread everywhere, the broad ones are up the back, you cant really see them.


gotta love the co2


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i like the sound of that substrate, how thicks the pot and peat layer? and what brand?

i think once all the plants are planted in place, take the time and smooth out the substrate, with that kind of substrate it might go a bit cloudy for a day till things settle down.

im sure withe the co2, ferts and substrate, that little tank will be thick in no time. well done peter, cant wait to see some shots in a months time.

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I know what you mean about the substrate, its every where atm.

Umm if i recal correctly, i mixed about 2 inches of pot n peat in with the gravel, added a little more gravel, then a plain layer of the pot n peat, only about 2cm, should have gone thicker, then capped with gravel.

The tabs crumbled apart in my hands and polluted the water, probably why they were half price.

I originally had the laterite placed as per instructions, but once the tank broke, i hed to remove all the gravel so know orange clay pieces are everywhere.

Ill find out the brand tomorrow for you.


I found the Tank on ebay, it came with HEAPS of stuff including the hood and stand for only $100, The stand was in pretty ordinary condition, but i sanded it back and painted it, thats when i broke the tank.

I was hoping for 4 packages but it didnt happen, Im still waiting on duckweed for the other tanks, guess it will be next week.

The drop checker came with the co2 unit, there are cheap imitation ones on ebay, probably best off buying 2 or 3 for when they break.

when i got the tank filled, I only got it up to 55psi which is almost on empty, so i need to sort out the filling problem.

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I love the colour of those plants against the dark substrate. I think it's going to look fantastic. And I agree with Razzi, there isn't much in life better than coming home to fish-related parcels! (except when you open them and find out you bought the wrong length fluoro tubes ... :) )

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i like the sound of that substrate, how thicks the pot and peat layer? and what brand?

the brand is Amgrow and its called "Pot n Peat" potting mix.

going to move around the broad chain swords today, and hopefully tomorrow will get a new t8 globe.

Water cleared up nicely.

Unfortunately most of the plants arrived covered in hair algae, mainly the hansons nardoo.

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yeah. That's a problem I'm having with the plants I got, too. Other than manually removing it and giving them only 8 hours light a day, and plenty of CO2, I'm not sure what else to do to eradicate it. What are you doing about yours?

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Nothing yet, I guess im just hoping it will go away, The conditions were right where it came from, so maybe they are not in my tank.

Co2 is at about 1 bps and lights are on 9 hours a day. should i reduce it to 8 in an attempt to remove the algae ?

On a separate note, had a big afternoon, had to dig out a pretty big pond through hard clay and i did the rescape. will post photos in the morning when lights are back on.

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You must be buggered, Peter!

My lights come on at 6am and go off at 10am, then on again at 6pm and off at 10pm. So 8 hours out of 24, they are on, but not 8 hours straight. I had it on a 6/6 cycle but I think that was too much light.

Fortunately no algae has grown onto the plants I got from other sources. It seems to want to stay on the plants it arrived on!

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keep an eye on the blyx to catch it when it sends out lateral shoots. when the lateral shoots look like they can support themselves, cut above the lateral shoot to keep growth compact and you can then replant the cutting. otherwise blyxa is apical dominant, sending growth to the top then it falls apart!!!

also, i'd build up the substrate on the left hand side of the tank to create a step-effect, and increase the amount of substrate at the back to give the illusion of depth.

is that a banana lily sitting infront of the driftwood? i'd remove it as it abrupt brings the slope of the driftwood to a halt. perhaps, add more stones to the set up to continue the 'line' created by the driftwood...?

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Thanks for the comments.

The tank is not really scaped as i am just experimenting with what will grow and what wont.

I think i will reduce my lighting and as i am running 2 lights i will put on the extra one for 3 hours in the middle of the day to try and imitate nature.

I might even remove all the rocks and dw soon, and just try to grow the plants.

When i first setup the hardscape i did have a nice "step up" and the rocks acted as a sort of retaining wall, but once the tank broke i lost it and had to start again.

PS, finished the pond :)

Thanks again


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no didnt tripple dose,

I applied the usual dose, except i put a couple drops directly on the plantlets covered in the most aglae using a plastic dropper science class kindly "donated" :D

Lilly, Yes excel is the carbon, i am running pressurized co2 but had this bottle so thought i would use it up. It Has algaecide properties which im hoping to take advantage of.

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