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Hi All, Newbie! From Central West Nsw


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Hi all,

I come from Central Western NSW. I currently breed Miniature horses. And have always been fascinated by Betta's I have owned some Veiltails for a few years and I lost my last red male, a couple of years ago. I really want to get all the advice I can on Betta's but am drawn towards the Half moon's. I have been doing heaps of reading but am a bit confused when it comes to setting up the spawning tank, when not breeding can you put females together in a bigger tank? or is it best to always have all the fish in seperate smaller tanks?


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Hi Kylie. Welcome to AAQ.

Lots of us have female community tanks. Sometimes they do fight with each other. Seems to be better if they're siblings. But I've put non-siblings together. Seems to be ok once they've sorted out the pecking order. Generally you need about 5 to prevent a single fish from being bullied. That being said, some females just can't live with other ones and it's best to keep them separate. But it's always worth a try I reckon.

There are lots of ways to set up spawning tanks. From small bare plastic containers to 20 litre tanks with plants and filter. For your first time I would suggest an 18 inch/45 cm tank, heater, small sponge filter, lots of easy plants like water sprite, hornwort or java moss. Fill the tank to about 4 inches. Have the sponge filter bubbling slowly with the output flowing near the heater to keep the temperature balanced. Make sure there are enough plants for the female to hide in and also to keep the water surface still. Also make sure there is enough clear space for the bubble nest to be built. I usually organise this to be at the front of the tank so I can easily see what's going on if I want to. In a set up like this you can leave the pair together for as long as required. The female will be able to get away from the male if she needs to. In a setup like this I would usually not feed for a few days after the pair are introduced but if they don't spawn after 3 days then I treat it like a long term setup and feed the pair daily as normal and they stay in there until they spawn.

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Hi Michael

thankyou so much for thwe information. I started off admiring half moons, and now thanks to your website LOL I have just GOT to have a crown tail! WOW are they impressive fish! I have alot more reading to do off this forum. But from what I have seen you all grow your own live food? I was feeding my bettas bloodworms, but am keen to have a go at live food =)

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