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Low Bugdet Plant Tank Guild


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You want to set up a plant tank, but don't know how to? Want simple and don't want to spend a lot of money? I will teach you how to create a masterpiece without having to spend too much. This guild is based on a 2ft tank (Length: 24inchs, Width: 12inchs, Height: 16inchs).

Equipment Needed:

- Clean 2ft tank

- 2ft Power Compact light (6500K)

- Approx 100ltr of water (already cycled)

- 10Kg of Natural Black Gravel (Washed until clean)

- 240watt Sera Heater

- Hagen Co2 Kit (Basic)

- Mini Internal Filter (200ltr/hr)

- 2 Bristlenose Caves (2 pot trays glued together)

- Some Plants of your choice - Stalked (I choosed Sunset Hygro and Red Milfoil)

- 2 Plants in Pots (I Choosed a Red Tiger Lotus and a Red Flame Ozelot)

Posted Image

- A Piece of Driftwood

- Some Fish of your Choice (I picked some very nice Halfmoon, Crowntail and Double Tailed Female Bettas and 2 Albino Bristle Noses)

- Other Decora you want in the tank (I've got some Creasted JavaFern on rocks and also the tank background is black in colour)

Just an Image of the tank Before the re-construction.

Posted Image


1. Place the tank in a location that natural sunlight cannot be reached

2. Place gravel into the tank along with the two Bristlenose Caves (see dia.1 & 2 Below)

Posted Image

Above: Diagram 1 - Gravel and Caves in the tank

Posted Image

Above: Diagram 2 - Birds Eye view of the tank so far

3. Place your two pot plants, driftwood, and decora as you like in the tank. But mainly you would place your two pot plants on the top of your bristlenose caves to make it look as natural as possible (Please Refer to Dia.3)

4. After all Decora and pots have been placed in the tank, install your filter, heater and co2 kit inside your tank(Please Refer to Dia.3)

5. Place the Power Compact on the top of the tank (make sure no water can reach it)

6. Once all equipment has been installed, It is time to fill the tank up. Water is to be cycled already in another tank or container. (Please Refer to Dia.3)

7. Once the water has been filled, turn on all your equipment you have installed, and wait for your tank to heat up.

8. Please wait at least 48hrs before placing fish into the tank.

Posted Image

Above: Diagram 3 - Tank filled with Fish already in the tank

9. Once you have purchase additional plants, you can slowly plant your plants at the back of the tank. Be as creative as possible. (Please See Diagram 4)


Plants in the tank can be changed, but please do some research before purchasing plants. Also if you want the plants to be health, I suggest use some form of rooting tablets (ie Sera Root Tablets) and Liquid Ferts (ie SeaChem Flourish and Flourish Iron).

An updated Image of the tank as of 19th Sep 05 :)


Have Fun in creating your low budget plant tank. Remember, its up to you to make it a piece of nature.


Mango :(

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Is it the lime green Hygro that's growing its nut off? swords need to be fed by their roots. Especially Iron (clay balls are good for that). Plus heaps of light. Are you still running the same tubes on it? Oh, and has the CO2 fired up yet?

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IMO, swords don't need that much lighting. I had a Melon Sword and I only had 1.5wpg, no ferts except co2 and it grew crazy. Outgrew my tank in 1 months time and had produced over 20 plantlets already. Now its at Calla's place :) But that sword was only green. Now I've got swords with red patchs on their leaves, and I found out they love the lighting and the ferts.

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Its actually being babysat by Phil until i move because I didn't quite expect it to be so big! I held it in front of my tank and tried to think of ways of contorting it so that i could fit it for now, but it refused to comply :) So it is having a bit of a summer holiday at the moment :P with CO2 laid on, I believe :( I need bigger tanks!

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Yes lisa, its the lime green one with white variegation, i think is mabye oakleaf hygrophylia. No i havent got my co2 up and going at the moment, hopefully it will pickup as its warming up now, i can borrow one of the heaters from the barracks and try your bucket method today. Oh and abbey, im keeping it :lol::) :)

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