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Hey guys! just joined because my obsession with bettas is increasing dramatically... Since I got my first boy I've been hooked and spend ages just looking at pics of these beautiful fish on a few forums. Two days ago I brought home another betta boy, so now I have two boys: A multicoloured crowntail boy called Casper (who I got ~last may) and the new boy, a purple crowntail. Both are very spoilt fish :eek: I'd eventually like to get a girl or two to try my hand at breeding, though I think Casper is FAR too aggressive to breed, though Prince seems very laid back.

I'll shuttup now, heres some pics of my boys!

The new kid, Prince. He's only a newbie and still fairly shy, and I don't want to stress him out to get better pics of him for the moment. In real life he is stunning, a GORGEOUS purple colour, but the photos do not even come close to doing him justice.






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Next, my first ever betta! He's full of personality and a very fiery fish! takes food from my finger, follows me, blows bubble nests frequently and flares at any thing that is dark :| Be aware these photos of him are old, taken soon after I got him home from the pet store...






Also.. the first picture of the ones under 'prince' is actually casper.. my mistake!

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