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Hi :d


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Hi, my name is Abel and i am new to the forums (as you can see) i am also new at looking after betta's and that pretty much why i joined this forum. Saying that, i wouldn't mind some links to threads where i can learn more about caring for beta's. Thanks :)

PS why cant i create topics on other threads?

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G'day Abeld,

Welcome to the forums - I'm pretty new at all this too and from what I've seen so far there are some VERY knowledgable people on here and a lot to learn from them. Compared to some other forums I've read these people readily share their knowledge with beginners - all you have to do is ask. I've found searching the forums also gives up a lot of really good advice and info too.

Re why you can't post in some forums yet - I think it has to do with putting two or three posts in the intro section first.

What type of betta's do you have already?

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