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Hello Everyone, I'm From Albany Wa


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Hi Rainbow, welcome to AusAqua. I would love to see photos of your pond if you have any.. I'm a fledgling pond enthusiast myself ;)

Hello Lissa

I'll try and show some photos but I'm not sure if they'll work :D

The pond is about 12 months old and we have quite a few different breeds of fish already but I'm still looking for more..

We have;



White Cloud Mountain Minnows

Golden White Cloud Mountain Minnows


Rainbow Fish

Murray River Rainbows

Algae Eaters (Various)

Paradise Fish



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I do have water lilies but the main thing you can see in the photo is Nardoo. It's a native and grows much better than water lilies in our climate down here on the south coast of WA.

Unfortunately it doesn't flower, but the leaves look like giant four leaf clovers.

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Thank you for the kind words faewyn :D

And yes, we get a lot of wildlife.

The local frogs think the pond is just marvellous as do the birds.

The birds like to use the waterfalls and smaller pools at the top of the system as baths, whilst the frogs just move in anywhere there is a space.



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I honestly don't know if they are breeding or not.

I've had the minnows for about 9 months and they have grown a lot, but I occasionally see small ones which I can only assume are babies.

I haven't seen an small golden minnows only the normal one.

It's very hard to keep track of all the fish in the pond as there are too many hiding places, as it is completely lined with rocks. Its about 3.5 mtrs long and nearly 3 mtrs wide so I can't see all the fish all the time either.

I do know the goldfish like to breed :D

The original 10 goldfish managed to produce at least 59 offspring as that is how many I have traded to the LFS.

There are still a few young ones left in the pond and I must have lost some along the way as fry.

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