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Hi Fishlovers!


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Hi! right now I am thinking to keep the fighting fish (the beautiful one). I had a few before when I was a kid. I am located in Melbourne and still trying to find the shop or breeder that has wide collection of betta fighting fish. I am thinking to get the halfmoon type... Any suggestion for me guys? Anyway nice to know you all...

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If you don't want new bettas straight away...

In 2 - 4 months I hope to have new spawns for sale. If my spawns of this round of breeding are successful, I will expect the following to be produced:

- HMPK and HM. Some of these will carry Double Tail (DT). Some of the HMs will carry HMPK but there's no way to tell except by guessing based on the genetic background. Some of the HMPK and HM will have or will carry Symmetrical Show Plakat traits.

- Colours will be mainly teal, metallic royal blue, metallic steel, metallic green, copper

-- many of these will be half or full dragon

-- some will have black lace and/or melano with/without marble/BF.

You can contact me through my website if you're interested :D

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hey splendidbetta,

cool man, just let me knoe when ur spawn are ready for sale...I really love the one with mettalic steel... however I might getting one first as I cant waut to have it in my room!! lol

anyway, just let me know through my email antonz89@hotmail.com

I have checked ur website earlier anyway and thinking to drop by (ur shop is in mill park rite?), but it is quite far from where I live. Anyway when I got a chance I'll just drop by to check out ur cool bettas!

anyway whats the different half dragon and the full dragon? I am a newbie in fish hobby

cheers bro

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No worries, I'll let you know when I have new stock for sale :D

I don't run a "shop", I breed and sell bettas out of my home :(

"Dragon" is a relatively new colour type in bettas. Bettysplendens.com describes them as:

Dragon: This refers to bettas that have an extraordinary amount of metallic iridescence on the bodies in combination with colored fins. The bodies often appear silver. They are gaining rapidly in popularity, and I have seen them recently in black, green, white, yellow and even bright blue. They would be considered metallic types, dark bicolors, light bicolors, or AOC, depending on the finnage type, color, and degree of metallic.
- http://bettysplendens.com/articles/page.imp?articleid=1417

Examples of dragons:



Ongoing discussions about dragon genetics can be found:



Half-dragons have iridescence that has intermediate intensity/density and distribution. I.e. the iridescence is about half as strong. Half-dragons are thought to have 1 copy of the dragon version of an iridescence gene; full-dragons have 2 copies.

Hope that helps :P

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