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Hi From The Southern Highlands

Guest rowdy

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Hello everyone I'm new to the site. I just found this website while looking for a tank and Axolotl.

I was given a tank but the built in pump is not working so it looks like I'm going to have to but a new tank as it was only a cheap one. i went to the 3 pet shops locally but they don't have any Axolotl in at the moment. Does anyone know of anywhere the the Southern Highlands / Campbelltown area that has any in stock at the moment.

Plus any advise on a cheap start up tank would be great.

I'm off to have a look around now.


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Howsit Shane?

Cheap tank? How big is the on you have? Can you remove the faulty filter and find a new one to replace it? Cheapest option that I can think of...

Anyway, welcome! You'll love it here, lot's of fish mad folk to scab info off...bwaahahahahaha! :lol:

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I don't know much about axolotyls except that they can't get too warm. I have never bought one for that reason as my house can be an oven. I am so deprived! :lol:

Marine Life at Moorebank had some last Friday. That's about another 15 minutes down the Hume Hwy/M5 from Campbelltown.

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