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***The 2009 Ausaquascaping Competition***

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:) Announcing the inaugural AusAquascaping Competition! :betta:

Entries are now open for the first ever aquascaping competition hosted by AAQ!

* Entries will close on 15 February 2009.

* There are 3 categories: Natural Freshwater, Marine, and Novelty.

* The winning entries will be selected by a poll of AAQ members.

* If you wish to enter the competition, up to 3 photographs of no more than 800px wide should be submitted to admin@ ausaqua.net by no later than midnight on 15 February 2009.

* Only the owner of the tank may enter the competition.

* You will need to have made at least 10 meaningful posts other than in the Introductions forum to enter.

* The category, photographer and tank owner must be identified in the email attaching the entry.

* Photograph colour can be adjusted for realism or accuracy only. No further modification/photoshopping is permitted.

* Entries can include tanks that have been decommissioned since the photographs were taken, ie the tank does not need to still be in existence at the date of entry.

* Photographs will be uploaded by AusAqua admins. The photographer/tank owner will not be identified until polling closes.

* Photos will be open for viewing from 16 February 2009.

* A poll will be opened in each category from 16 February 2009.

* Only AAQ members with a post count greater than 10 may vote. This is to discourage people from joining the forum solely to bolster votes for any particular individual's tank.

* Polling will close on 28 February 2009.

* Winners will be announced on 1 March 2009.

* The Winner of Best Natural Freshwater, Best Marine and Best Novelty tank will be featured on the AAQ home page.

* Banners/signatures will also be awarded to the winning entries in each of the 3 categories.

We're really looking forward to seeing all your gorgeous tanks! :betta: :cheer:

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Ghengis: well you never know man..I see so many great scapes in another Aussie forum, I don't stand a chance either if any of them enter here hehe~ everyone should give it a go :P

btw I'll be back on 10th feb XD 5 days for a new scape lol...

but wait can we enter a tank that have been entered to other comp perviously? And does it have to be still up and running?

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If there's enough interest, we are considering holding the contest twice a year.

Photographs have been submitted *lol*

I will check how many posts are necessary to enter. The competition is intended to be for participating members of the forum :).

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me too, i will be in the next one

by then i might have something im happy showing

compared to some of the tanks ive seen here :) im a total noob lol

the only plant that i havent killed is a lilli pad i got from my sisters dam :D

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Hi guys. You will need to have made at least 10 meaningful posts other than in the Introductions forum to enter.

Thanks :)

Also, there will only be a 2nd contest if we get adequate interest in this one.

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Isn't that rule just a little arbitrary? How are ones posts to be deemed "meaningful"?? I have over 400 up, but I wouldn't call any of those even remotely meaningful... Take this one for example!! :lol:

Oh, and I'm interested...just too shame to enter, atm :)

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Meaningful, as in making a contribution to the community as opposed to spamming "Hi" or "cool" in other people's threads to get the post count up.

Maybe even posts describing our decisions as arbitrary qualify.

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Please have a second round, I have a good idea for the novelty section, but don't have the resources to finish it for this round. Also I think those of us who are more nervous will need a little inspiration, so you'll probably get more entries next time.

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You aren't going to lose anything by entering :) I'll be giving mine a quick wipe down and chucking them in the pile, and trust me they are not show-stopping by any stretch of the imagination!

You are pretty much guaranteed to beat me, at the very least *lol*

C'mon, cameras out!

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