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Hi all, It is amazing that I am running into same people everywhere. :( My name is Serkan, I live in Canberra. Have been keeping fish for 20 years. Currently keep 40-50 tanks (number changes as I set them up and pull them down as I need them!) Most of my tanks are small, I do not really need big ones as I find smaller tanks more practical for my needs. But still got a 6 footer and a 4 footer, couple of 3 footers and 5 2.5 footers. Rest are smaller. I got the tanks set up in my double garage that is converted to a dance studio (yeah I dance :(( argentine tango and a little bit of other latin dances!), and in a small room of the house, and two in the upstairs living room, and one on the desk, and one in my bedroom... :(( I keep: 8 species of Bettas 8 species of Killifish 3 species/mutation Corydoras (need to get me some more :(( ) 5 strains of Guppies (though might reduce it to 3) Bristlenoses and 2 clown loaches to eat the snails I like to try to breed all the fish I have. Cheers, Serkan

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Hi all ;) Thank you for the warm welcome.

Dean, I've been getting worried about the number of killifish species I have, will appreciate your assistance to source some more :cheer:

Robbie I currently have:

Aphyosemion striatum

Posted Image

Aphyosemion biateniatum

Posted Image

Aphyosemion australe Orange

Posted Image

Aphyosemion australe Chocolate

Like above picture but chocolate brown instead of Orange

Fundulopanchax gardneri Akure Blue

Posted Image

Fundulopanchax gardneri Jos Plateou

Posted Image

Pseudoepiplatys annulatus

Sorry no photo as yet

Graeme I have no interesting corys as yet. At one stage I had over 20 species and bred most of them. Currently breeding the albino aeneus and paleatus.

Jess the two batches of channoides fry are doing fine so far. They are a bit on the shy side though.

Mouse :D I currently have a few splendens and rutilans, coccina, enisae, pugnax, smaragdina, mahachai and channoides.

If you ever need belly dancing costume input I am more than happy to share my opinion - I am originally from Turkey. I used to teach folk dancing as well.

Mishy, as long as one makes it fun dancing is easy. There are certain rules so that you look like dancing tango when you dance tango and look like dancing salsa when you do so. Apart from that relax enjoy the music and let your body dance not your head :D

And thank you all for your greetings :D

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