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Hi All


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Hi to All. I just joined yesterday and realised i had to intro myself so here it goes. I have 5 tanks lol. 1x4 foot 2x 3 foot 2 x 2 foot.

4foot community tank- ghost knife clown loach gibbeys choc plec bn red tail shark khuli loach gouramis

3 foot 20 albino bn 5 common bn 4 LF albina bn 2 common LF one L333

3 foot im selling fish plants and afa soil to set it up for my Ls i have 6 cherry barbs 5 SAE 2 angels 5 cardinal tetras 2 oto rummynose tetra

2foot peppermint breeding pair

2 foot 11 L333 5 L134s Very crowded hint moving to 3 foot after selling everything

This seems like a great forum

Happy new year everyone


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