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Hiya From Qld Trying To Sell My Tropical And Gold Fish

Guest Mike D

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Im new from Qld but have to go home tomorrow and loking to sell my tropicals and gold fish

I have

I have Goldfish / Tropical Fish for sale and Tanks Accessoies Etc


1 Pleco 20cm

1 Angel (Marble colour) large

4 gouramis (blue / gold / silver / pearl)

3 mystery/apple snails large

2 bristle nose ( 1 male 1 female i believe)

1 platy

6 bloodfin tetra

2 kuhli loach

6 black widow / black skirt tetra

1 black moore

1 white goldfish with a pink moustache

1 white goldfish with red flames

1 red and purple betta fish + tank + accessories + food

2 x 250 watt heaters

1 or 2 50 wattt heater

1 x small corner tank

1 goldfish bowl

1 160 litre tank

1 43 litre tank


1 large fluval filter 3 plus 700 litre an hour

1 large waterfall filter

several medium waterfall filter

fluoro plant light

lots of gravel

1 stingray filter

1 dual line air pump

2 single line air pump

2x 20 litre tanks

water test kit


air lines, valves etc


ammonia neutralising granules

lots of accessories

Reluctant sale as i love these pets

make an offer

i may be advertising these elsewhere as i need to sell them quick

may sell separately

please call on 0422054142 and come around and look if you want

ASAP as i am leaving the country monday avo

Bracken Ridge location

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