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New Fishy Time!


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Got my new shipment from someone last week and thought I would post some pics.

I got a total of 15 bettas in the last shipment!!! :o:P:o;)

I haven't got pics of them all yet, and the pics I do have aren't that good, but it will do for now :D

This is Optimus Prime (Opi for short :P )


Maybe I should offer an explanation for his random name lol. He reminds me of a robot, and because I love transformers, I named him Optimus Prime. I've also gone for a transformer themed tank. (Not sure if anyone noticed, but I have a Bon Jovi themed tank too lol :P )

This is Elita One (or just Elita) She is sooooo cute and tiny and perfect!


This one is nameless for now. Not sure if it is worthy of a transformer name lol


That's all the pics I have for now, but when my sister lets me borrow her usb cable again (we have the same camera and I lost mine), I will post the rest of the pics up!

YAY!!! :cheer:

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Very nice!

What colour is Opi in real life? Does he spread HM when he's trying (he looks like one of those boys that couldn't be bothered to display for photos and just waits til you put the camera down ^_^)?

Is Elita plain cambodian or cambo dragon?

Nameless is also quite cute B)

(If you have spare Xmas cash, Aldi had card readers recently that might get around your cable issue :D)

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I have permission to use Opi's aqua bid pic. He looks EXACTLY like the pic in real life...


I have a sibling female for him too :giggle:

Elita is just plain cambodian. I have a decent length shot of her, but I still don't have the cable. I actually have a decent shot of almost every fish.

Thanks for the heads up about Aldi, will have to check it out!

More pics soon HOPEFULLY!!!

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Sorry it's taken so long, but I finally have pics of my fish.

I've since lost 3 of them to what seemed like whitespot

Now it seems like Elita has it too :((

Ok, these 2 fish aren't part of my transformer theme.

This is Aussie (thought I would call him Bluey, but thought Aussie was betta :-P)


This is his girlfriend Blue Bell (she is so precious)


What you lookin at!?!?


This is Ratchet


This is Opi's girlfriend Arcee


More to come!!!

:P:cheer::cheer::cheer::cheer: :cheer:

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