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Thought it was about time that I actually said "Hello" blush.gif

I live about 3.5hrs west of Adelaide on the Eyre peninsula. Have been keeping tropical fish for about 3 plus years now and about 1/2 way through this year got my very first betta. He's a red male with tinges of blue/purple and I think he's gorgeous. Would love to get some females to add to my 200L tank though.

I've got 6 tanks in total:

250L: Currently unused (but will be put back into service as soon as I get time to clean it out & relocate it)

200L: Pepp & albino bn's, guppies, sparkling gourami's, kuhli loaches, pair yellow cheeked kribs, cory's (Arcuatus & Trilineatus), Royal Whiptail & mystery snails

90L: Bolivan & Blue Rams, Angel, Beunos Aires Tetras, Orange Spot Bn's, Albino Corys, Otocinclus & Kuhli Loaches

60L: Pseudomogil Gertrudea, Peppermint bn's, Dwarf spotted Rasboras, Otocinclus, pigmy corys & mystery snails

29L: Red male betta, cardinal tetras, a lone Schwartzi cory & mystery snails

29L Cube: Mystery Snails only

I've previously bred guppies (by the hundreds) and currently have mystery snails breeding by the hundreds. Hence the new 29L cube (purchased yesterday) which is strictly for the mystery snails. So now I just need to go through the process of removing hundreds of baby mystery snails from each of my other tanks to put into the new tank. Thankfully though, a new aquarium store has just opened up where I live & the owner has agreed to let me be her supplier of mystery snails.

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Hi Lilli, the inhabitants of the 90L will eventually be relocated to the 250L (once it's back up and running), then I can get some more Angels, rams, apisto's, congo tetra's... gotta love going fishy shopping :( Plus i'm getting some Clown Pleco's L168, and they'll be moving into the 90L so I can try to breed them.

I'll post pics of all of the tanks & some of the fish :(

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