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Hi All, I'm New To Everything!


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Hi all, not to sure how this whole forum thing works as this is my very first posting ... ever.

Not only am I an absolute novice with forums, but I'm an absolute Betta novice as well... actually make that an absolute fish novice. In all my 46 years I've never owned a fish not even as a child. That all changed 5 months ago when I purchased one for my son for his birthday. Although he thought it was "cool", remembering to look after it was not one of his strong points... enter my introduction, facination and passion for Bettas.

I knew this fish was part of the family when I discovered one night he was not in his bowl... the cat must have got it. To say the least, I was sorry that he was gone... he wasn't "just a fish" he had a personality that I now missed. As I carried that little bowl to the sink. I felt something move... it was him, but by now he had hit the floor. I quickly scooped him up and placed him back in his bowl. Although he was a little disorientated (aka dead looking)... I held him upright (using the glass as a support and a plastic spoon) until he "came to".

I've now become hooked on Bettas, and have just been scouring the net for any information I can find about these guys ...including how I did everything wrong with respect to reviving him. Thankfully, he's doing well now ... and so are the other 6 I've acquired since then.

At the moment I'm not breeding any of them, perhaps one day down the track I might look at that but for now, I'm just enjoying them.


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